Monday, February 15, 2021

Monday's Headlines | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Development

We’ve been hearing a lot of new leaks and rumors related to a potential remake or sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic over the past month. While none of these rumors have been outright confirmed just yet, given the vast number of them that have emerged, it stands to reason that there is some accuracy to what has been circling. Now, even more information has emerged that gives us an idea of how long this new KOTOR has seemingly been in the works.

Spotted by Reddit user u/mtol115, Aspyr, which is the studio that is rumored to be working on this new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, seems to have brought on a variety of previous staff members from BioWare back in 2019. The user discovered that roughly 20 former developers from BioWare are currently staffed at Aspyr. While some of these former BioWare employees have been at Aspyr for quite some time, others ended up joining on in major roles at the studio in 2019.

As a whole, this information seems to suggest that the new iteration of Knights of the Old Republic has likely been in development since 2019. Typically, when studios begin working on new projects of this type, they’ll bring aboard a variety of new hires all at once. The fact that so many developers from another prominent studio that primarily works on RPGs ended up joining Aspyr within 2019 seems to suggest that the game has been in production of some sort since that time.

Depending on the scope of this new remake/sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, this news could tell us a few things about when to expect the game. Most AAA game releases tend to see development periods last from anywhere between three and five years on average. As such, a release for this new KOTOR game in 2021 seems quite unlikely as a result. 

That being said, it does seem possible that we could see another resurgence from the series in another form this year. Other rumors in recent weeks have suggested that Aspyr is also working on porting the first two Knights of the Old Republic games to modern consoles at some point later in 2021. Again, we still don’t know if this is entirely true, but given how many other Star Wars games have been ported in recent years, it’s extremely plausible.