Saturday, February 27, 2021

Weekend Trend | Top 5 Manga Countdown

5. Berserk of Gluttony GN Vol 01 $12.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
A gripping dark fantasy, in which a frail young man's terrible magic could lead him to ultimate power! Fate Graphite has never tasted real power. Born with the magical skill Gluttony, he has been shunned and looked down upon his entire life, and constantly hungers in a way that can't be satiated. One day, while working as a gatekeeper for a noble family and fighting a trespassing thief, he discovers Gluttony's true power: when he kills someone, he devours their skills and feeds his gnawing hunger at last. In that grisly realization, Fate is awakened to his true potential. How many lives will he feed on to satisfy this hunger, and is the world ready for the terrifying warrior he'll become?

4. Sword Art Online Alt Gun Gale Light Novel SC Vol 08 $15.00 Yen On
Llenn's stuck between a rock and a hard place! With a pesky marriage proposal on one side and her long-awaited rematch with SHINC on the other, the stakes are higher than ever in this fourth Squad Jam! The battle for first place--and Llenn's heart--continues!

3. Solo Leveling GN Vol 01 $20.00 Yen Press
The official English print publication of the popular Korean webcomic! E-class hunter Jinwoo Sung is the weakest of them all. Looked down on by everyone, he has no money, no abilities to speak of, and no other job prospects. So when his party finds a hidden dungeon, he's determined to use this chance to change his life for the better...but the opportunity he finds is a bit different from what he had in mind!

2. Skeleton Knight in Another World Light Novel Vol 08 $13.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
One day, a gamer played video games until he fell asleep and when he woke up, he found himself in the game world as a skeleton! Equipped with the powerful weapons and armor of his avatar but stuck with its frightening skeletal appearance, Arc has to find a place for himself in this new, fantastical land. All his hopes for a quiet life are dashed when he crosses paths with a beautiful elven warrior, setting him on a journey full of conflict and adventure.

1. Sword Art Online Project Alicization GN Vol 02 $13.00 Yen Press
In Underworld, a virtual land from which there seems no escape, Kirito meets Eugeo, an NPC destined to follow his Calling-his life's goal that must be achieved before he can follow his own path. What awaits Kirito in this new land?