Saturday, April 17, 2021

Weekend Trend | Comics, Comics, Comics

Good Day Comic Book Fans!

Need some cool reading material today? How about checking out these comic book titles!

Non-Stop Spider-Man #2 $3.99 Marvel Comics 
(Note: I read this issue and loved it!)
The most action packed book in comics continues to singe your eyebrows with explosive action!  Something horrible is happening to Peter Parker's fellow students at EMPIRE STATE UNIVERSITY and it's all coming down hard on Spider-Man. Some familiar faces introduce their fists to Spider-Man's face as the plot thickens like a brick of plastic explosives. Tick tick tick tick!

Birthright #48 $3.99 Image Comics
Since the war against Terrenos ended, Brennan has been missing. Where has Earth's mightiest mage been? And what failure haunts his every waking moment? Only two issues left!

Mighty Morphin #6 $3.99 Boom! Studios
Still reeling from the revelation of the New Green Ranger's true identity, the New Mighty Morphin team must join with former Ranger Grace Sterling to save Angel Grove from a new threat tied to Zordon's surprising past.  But nothing could prepare the Rangers for the two people who stand in their way...

Phantom on Scan #1 $3.99 Aftershock Comics
Twenty years ago, a comet fell to earth. Since that night, Matthew has been haunted - haunted by a spirit that gives him incredible psychic abilities. But these abilities come with a price...and payment is due. Every time Matthew uses his gifts, he draws closer to death, and other psychics - all of whom gained their powers on the night the comet fell - are dying in the most horrible of ways. To save himself, Matthew gathers a group of psychics to solve the mystery of their powers before it's too late.