Saturday, May 15, 2021

Weekend Trend | Updated Information

Good Morning!

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! Let's jump right into it as we have updated our information for Comics, Cards, Payments and shipping on our page this morning. We're in the starting process for the redesign of the our website. It will have a different name but that TBD at a later time down the road. With the redesign we're interested in doing more direct sells with customers and building up good relationships.

Like I said, we're a very small company looking to grow and expand. Growth is a good thing and we're excited to see what the doors open. Also we need to give a huge thank you to all our Facebook fans, we're getting closer to 500 Likes. Just word of mouth and using social media is awesome. 

Finally, I need coffee! Yes, we have a lot of new inventory in stock right and I'm busy! If your tired of searching Ebay, let us help you out. Email us Send us that list! We'll help fill in the missing issue's in your collection.

Have a great day!