Wednesday, July 21, 2021

TPB Pick of The Week | Locke & Key Keyhouse Compendium HC

Locke & Key Keyhouse Compendium HC $125.00 IDW Publishing
The stories that inspired the Netflix series! 

All six volumes of the critically acclaimed Locke & Key series are now available in one massive compendium featuring an all-new Introduction by series co-creator, Joe Hill. 

Named a 'modern masterpiece' by The A.V. Club, Locke & Key tells a sprawling tale of magic and family, legacy and grief, good and evil. Acclaimed suspense novelist and New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill (The Fireman, Heart-Shaped Box, NOS4A2) has created a gripping story of dark fantasy and wonder-with astounding artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez-that, like the doors of Keyhouse, will transform all who open it.