Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Chat | Star Wars Chat

Good afternoon everyone,

Welcome Friday chat where we are chatting about Star Wars. Above you see the all the movies based on the Skywalker Saga. Everyone will agree that The Last Jedi was absolutely 💯 trainwreck!

I'm still into the original Star Wars movies, I believe The Empire Strikes Back is the best film of the whole series. My teenage son totally disagrees with me. Saying that Revenge of The Sith is the best movie....EVER! I've had multiple arguments about this topic with and the results are always the same.... him going to his room!

However, the movies not listed Rogue One and Solo. I totally liked them. I'm sorry Solo got a bad rap but it still did well in theaters 🎥. It was originally set to be a three part series but Disney shut that down. 

Rogue One is a war movie, it the DC version of Suicide Squad 😳 you know that everyone isn't going to make it. It's very entertaining and sad but the story is awesome and it fills in some plot holes.

Now if you don't have plans this weekend. Then check out some Star Wars movies 🎬. There at least playing on TNT during the weekends 🤣.

Have a great weekend everyone!