Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday's Headlines | Talking Comics & Top 10 Comic Book Companies

Good morning!

Welcome to Talking Comics!  Hope your day is started off on the right foot, let's begin talking about some comics.  This week was literally the biggest release of comis biggest release of comics for the summer and all the publishers have outdone themselves. Is with Image Comics leading the way with the debut of King Spawn #1. 

I personally went to a few comic book stores in Portland metro area and found that a lot of the king's Spawn #1 ones have sold out and the variant covers have sold out as well so congratulations to Image Comics for an absolutely hitting this out of the park.

But for those who didn't get a chance to read King Spawn #1 , Aspen comics released Fathom #1. I'm a super huge fan of Aspen comics since Michael Turner started the company. His would was outstanding and lives the test of times. Once again, Aspen Comic releases his work with Fathom #1 for only $1.99 ♥ now that's a deal readers should love to hear. 

Finally my Top 10 comic book companies:
1. Marvel Comics 
2. DC Comics 
3. Image Comics 
4. IDW Publishing 
5. Boom Studios
6. Dark Horse Comics 
7. ONI Press
8. Scout Comics
9. Vault Comics
10. Zenescope Entertainment 

Marvel stays on top this week as DC and Image flip spots. But nothing is ever safe in the Top 10 and the bottom spots have changed from last week.. Let's see what happens next Friday.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend.