Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday's Headlines | Comic-con 2021 August Schedule

Comic conventions have grown to become an integral part of the comic book experience, allowing fans to meet their favorite comic creators, buy an array of comic book merchandise, and bond with fans just like them. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic stymied the 'classic' comic convention experience for much of 2020 and early 2021, convention organizers are slowly beginning to return to in-person events.

Reedpop, for example, has set up dates for Florida Supercon, New York Comic Con, and C2E2 for this fall - and has released some expansive plans for safety in this pandemic times which include mask requirements and temperature checks. For more on that, we spoke with ReedPop about what to expect different when it comes to its conventions.

And while Comic-Con International: San Diego will once again be 'virtual' this July, the organization is planning a scaled-down event called Comic-Con: Special Edition this November.

August 2021:

August 6 - 8: Otakon (Washington, D.C.)

August 7 - 8: Big Lick Comic Con (Roanoke, Virginia)

August 12 - 15: MegaCon Orlando (Orlando, Florida)

August 13 - 15: Grand Rapids Comic Con (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

August 20 - 22: Awesome Con (Washington, D.C.)

August 21 - 22: FlameCon (online only)