Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday's Headlines | Marvel Cancels Series

Marvel Comics' unfinished limited series Nebula will not be returning from hiatus, and has been canceled by Marvel according to a person familiar with the project. Nebula's creative team was writer Vita Ayala, artist Claire Roe, colorist Mike Spicer, and letterer Travis Lanham.

This mid-series cancelation leaves Nebula at an odd moment - marooned on a strange planet called Mahn Zhyly, with no memory of who she is after an attempted upgrade to her cybernetics went wrong. Although she's lost memory of her plight, she is being hunted by a bounty hunter named Devos the Destroyer (a returning '90s Fantastic Four foe). 

But as Nebula #2 ended, she had a more immediate threat - a returning Ballista Grimm (from the 2019 Thanos limited series), a former soldier for Thanos who was last seen trying to kill Gamora. Future issues of Nebula were planned to reveal the very first meeting between Nebula and Thanos, before he adopted her as his daughter.