Sunday, August 1, 2021

Weekend Trend | Happy Spider-man Day

Happy spider-man day everybody!

He's our favorite wall crawler of the MCU universe. Yes, there have been a range of various  Spider-man throughout the comic book years. But who doesn't love a college student/superhero doing double duty  saving the world. Plus, Mary Jane is smoking hot! 

Throughout the years there were different spiderman titles in the comic books. My favorite titles grown-up were:

1. Amazing Spider-man
2. Spectacular spider-man
3. Spider-man 
4. Web of Spider-man 

I encourage anyone to go ahead and pick up an issue. Spider-man today is very entertaining like is was back in 1962. Who remembers Spider-pig from the Simpsons Movie. He'll, Spider-man 2 from the movies is the all-time best ever. šŸ˜‰

However, Spider-man is a character we can somehow all relate too. So pick up a comic and enjoy reading Spider-man today.