Sunday, August 8, 2021

Weekend Trend | Rob Liefeld DC Statement

Agree or disagree with this statement? Let's make no mistake Rob Liefeld is in titled to his opinion.

However is DC a damage brand? 

Remember before this tweet was post, Rob praised DC The Suicide Squad movie. Again, how is this damaged? Yes, Marvel is outstanding for sure on all platforms. But what is the one thing Marvel does better than DC. Oh shit, they have strong communication skills and talk WTF they are doing. 

I'm very entertained by DC and sometimes we can get burned 🔥 out by the same Marvel characters. As a comic book fan, I'm big into Batman & Superman titles. I think people behind the scenes screw stuff up, who are non comic book people. I can't the same for the movies... 🤔 never mind on that last statement. 

However, (I'll pull a what if...) Let's say Rob Liefeld was offered to draw Batman or Superman? The DC sent (crap load of money 🤑🤑🤑) you think he change his own tune?! Damn, I would 🤣.

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