Saturday, August 7, 2021

Weekend Trend | Top 3 Manga Comic Books

Yona of the Dawn GN Vol 31 $9.99 Viz Media
The Kingdom of Kohka triumphs over Sen Province, but Hak is gravely injured and Yona is unable to speak! Meanwhile, while tending to injured soldiers, Yun shows interest in the Sky Tribe's medical techniques. Advisor Keishuk invites him to Hiryuu Palace to learn more, but what is Keishuk's true motive? 

Uncle From Another World GN Vol 02 $15.00 Yen Press
Having returned from an alternate world, Takafumi's uncle has now become a YouTuber! Takumi meanwhile also sees another familiar face: his childhood friend Fujimiya!

Kaguya Sama Love Is War GN Vol 20 $9.99 Viz Media
Will Tsubame tell Yu she returns his affections on graduation day...? Unfortunately, Yu's gaming addiction may have an impact not only on his grades but on how Tsubame views him. Hopefully his ruthless academic coach Kaguya's diabolical plan will keep him from failing. On the other hand, someone else gets unexpectedly low marks this exam period! Then, on Valentine's Day, which of the gang will give or receive romantic chocolates, friendship chocolates or obligatory chocolates...? Fight rumors with rumors.