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Comic Book Fans,

I know a lot of comic book fans in the great Northwest are always looking for back issues and comic book deals. We here are Northwest Comics & Games want to help you out! Have you been missing that one issue for your collection. If you local in the Portland Metro Area we love meet you and help you find the items you want. This is how we break is all down for you!


We have comics, of course and our sales list can be found on our Ebay page! However, are searching for that J. Scott Campbell issue's or how about a Michael Turner comic? Maybe something from Jim Lee? Please message on Facebook or you can Email your comic book list. Please note, we don't always list our comics. However, we do have a good range of back issues in stock.


Yugioh Cards
Yes, we have many Yugioh cards in stock but we only pick out certain one's gamer's and collector's would like to have.  You'll found many of them on our Ebay page. We'll usually post some deals for everyone and we're very fair on pricing.

Magic The Gathering Cards
We're building up our inventory on these cards. Most cards will on our Ebay page and we're going to include bundles and most single single cards we'll be offer free shipping.

Pokemon Cards
These cards will be rare for us to sell on our Ebay page. Please contact us if your searching for cards, we'll check our inventory for you. Most cards will have free shipping.

In years past, we have gone out to find certain comic books at Comic-con's and anywhere else. Yes, we'll even go out to find cards as well. We've usually included a one-time search fee of $25.00 to cover for traveling and this added at the end of the sale. 

Rarely we do trades but if your in the Portland Metro area, we're always looking for a deal. If your looking to trade please email us and let's see what we can do for each other! 


Comic Books will usually ship USPS Priority Mail. Now here's the deal, with shipping comics. We'll have standard fee of $7.40 for shipping, per comic book. However, if the customer spends over $100 then shipping is free. 

If you choose to combine ship on item's we can look into a discount. If you purchase any TPB (Trade Paperbacks) will shipping Priority Mail Flat Fee of $10.00 only.

Shipping cards will mostly ship USPS Mail.

Skip the third party and pay now with us. We use Paypal for quick transactions and shipping. 

We look forward to doing business with you. Once again email us

Thanks you,